Saturday, June 14, 2008

Three by Todd Moore

the back

seat of manny's
car where
sonny & i
are matching
quarters then
the car door
opens & torry
sez the fuck
are these
kids doing
here & manny
sez they
wanted to
see it from
the inside &
torry opens
the car door
yanks me
out by the
arm & sez no
goddam kids
in this car
you wanna
show it off
show it off
to get laid
torry shakes
me a couple
of times &
when i bang
into his shoul
der holster
he sez son
ofabitch no
body touches
me there


mitchell was

scrubbing his
hands when
tulsa sd
two worst
smells to
get off skin
are shit
& gasoline
there's a
third mitchell
sd looking
over his
yeah what
is that
tulsa sd
tulsa made
a face
sd i didn't
know it
had a smell
what's it
like mitchell
thought abt
it a couple of
of seconds
sd like


no one

how dark
the wolf
is until
the night
begins to

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