Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who She Is and Who She Always Will Be by Puma Perl

(thank you, Lara)

she wears her past on her face
painstakingly applied,
the way girls prepare
for dances and proms

not that she had ever
been invited to either

she was the hot chick
that would actually
fuck you

her name
was not Angela,
it was RayAnn
or Anita or Lara

it doesn’t matter
how the years pass
her word is still good
and so is her pussy

her truth terrifies
the unprepared
she is always ready

there are no yearbook
pictures, no wedding
rings, though there
was marriage

she never changed
her surname
she knew
it wouldn’t last

drugs, guns
and beer



decades flicker
behind blue
ebony mascara

hot chicks
never die
they watch
and wait

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