Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prose Poem: Catfish McDaris

Ballad of Pete Best or the Short Life of Van Gogh's Ear

That night we were cooking
on stage, sizzling cool

The audience leaning forward
catching every nuance & syllable

I nodded for you to
do your prearranged
Zeppelin Hendrix style
fretless bass solo

You ignored our plan,
I looked up & a punk
had your guitar

You were standing in
the back of the room
grinning with your squeeze

Folks were getting crazy
when this dude got funky
I knew then, it was time
to hire Ringo.


Letter Bomb From a Pacifist Poet After Frijoles

If I could seal
a fart
in this envelope

It would be my
reply to your
form rejection slip

Unfortunately the
volume of rejects
I receive

Prevents a personal
reply to each &
every one I get.

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