Friday, April 23, 2010

Town and Country by Zachary Whalen

I know that if this town burned
I could rebuild it.

All I need is SimCity 2000 and the replica
attached to the back of my hand.

Some people never get in the zone.
It's sad, we end up as dirt or covered in it.

Let's score that touchdown. We'll walk away bleeding.
We'll hype the shit out of each other.

We can sell our drugs to the children.
They can be as happy and as popular as we were.

I piss myself and hope
the piss molecules can find a better life as well.

Listen to the sound of oxygen escaping your lungs.
That's the only sound that makes me happy now.

I want to bury your childhood beneath a mountain
or a large blue square zoned for commercial development.


A mountain of commercial developments
buried beneath the large blue square of childhood.

Happiness is nothing we can listen to.
The only sound is your lungs escaping from the oxygen.

Even the piss molecules piss themselves.
I hope this is a better life.

We're so happy and popular.
Our children sell drugs.

Walk away from me and bleed.
Believe your own hype. Touchdown.

It's dirty to be sad or to end up covered in sadness.
Let's get in the zone.

All you need is the back of my hand
replicated 2000 times and attached to the side of your face.

I could burn everything if you ever rebuilt this country.
You know that.

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