Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elvis Was the Only Decent Man (For Momma) by Matt Finney

Your problems are piling up
Like all of our
Skid marked
Boxers and panties
The laundry list never ends
Your daddy didn't want you
Your momma barely did
You married a
Drunken Indian at 16
To get away from those
You shacked up with the
Sperm donor who would
Later kidnap and molest me
You found out about it
From my notebooks and
Early attempts at this
Poetry thing
You hugged and cried
With me for 3 hours
You told me he was
A son of a bitch
You knew that
But you didn't know
He was that big of one
You said Elvis was the only
Decent man there ever was
It broke my heart
To hear you
Say that
I know I'm not
The best one
Counting the drinking problem
Lack of ambition
And Peter Pan complex
But I hope after
Watching you break your back
Sigh and continue
Dragging this family
I'll get a little better.

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