Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three by Todd Moore

the snap brim

stetson & the
dark gray
suit made my
old man
look like
philip marlowe
& the way
he stood
for that
kodak shot
it looks like
he’s leaning
a little to
the side
like he’s
drunk or
so filled w/
the raw
meat of
darkness he
can’t stand
this is the
man i wanted
to talk to
i wanted to
ask abt
his dreams
& his guns


frankie put

the cigaret
out in
his hand
sd i
think yr
fucken w/
me nick
sd i’d
never do
that he
all around
his cigaret
when he
put the
25 auto
out on
the table
frankie sd
got any
plans on
how yr
take a
shit when
i stick
that pea
shooter up
yr ass


eddie sd

for chrissake
leo if yr
shoot mikey
do it
from my
car i hate
to see
bullet holes
in the
metal &
on the
paint is
no good

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