Monday, February 28, 2011

Correcto Mundo by Catfish McDaris

Creepy Uncle Willy was the last resort,
but my parents had to go to a funeral,
getting into my pajamas, I noticed girlie
books in the bathroom, I was soon
walking the monkey, Uncle Willy yelled

You naughty boy, now I'm going to spank
you, it will hurt me more than you, he
lowered my p.j.s & underwear & bent me
over his lap with trembling hands

I could feel him getting hard & I thought
he wants to stick that up my asshole, I
jumped down & grabbed the toilet lid back
& smacked him upside his head

Blood exploded from his nose & his eyeballs
rolled white like hard boiled eggs, the cops
came & called my folks, at Uncle Willly's
funeral everyone looked at me strange

Ma said, don't pay any attention, Pa said,
fuck them, the preacher asked if anyone
wanted to say a few words, I stood & said
he was right, it did hurt him more than me.

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