Friday, January 16, 2009

Two by Todd Moore

i watched largo

pour gasoline
into a whis
key bottle he
sd just the
smell of this
shit gets me
going he
kept the
stream thin
& steady the
sound of
gas hitting
the inside
of that bottle
almost had
the crack
of fire in
it he stopped
at three
quarters of
the way
full sd we’ll
cork it for
now my
girl gave me
this old
bloody rag
for the fuse
lets go
torch big
eddy’s car


if i tell a

story just the
right way it
feels so
good i can
almost taste
it & it’s
funny how
i can see
the words
little freight
trains in
the eyes
old man
paused &
poured him
self a shot
of jim beam
sd i gotta
have whiskey
& stories &
blood in the

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